Boeing 737-300 different configurations for multiple solutions

The Boeing 737-300 is available in various configurations: one with 130 economy-class seats, a 44-seat executive version and a full cargo configuration offering a 13,600 kg (30,000 lb) payload. The 737-300 is a great addition to our existing fleet, creating new possibilities for our current and future customers.

Executive configuration

The 737-300 can fly bigger payloads non-stop to more distant destinations. Mexico City, for example, could be reached from Montreal in just 5½ hours. In addition, on-board amenities and passenger comfort give passengers an in‑flight experience that is superior to anything they can expect on a regular airline. With the new plane, Nolinor will be able to service sports clubs, cultural groups like orchestras, convention guests and tourist groups, in addition to making it available to other carriers in need of a replacement aircraft.

Registration C-GNLQ
Configurations 130 Pax
VIP 44 pax
Cargo weight 14 800 kgs / 32 630 lbs
Empty weight 36 574 kgs / 80 632 lbs
Gross weight 63 276 kgs / 139 500 lbs
Range 4 630 km / 2 500 nm
Cruise speed 885 km/h / 550 mph
Fuel consumption Jet – A (795 gal/hr)
Minimum runway lenght 5 500ft paved
Main cargo 84,5 x 134 in
Front ventral hold 48 po x 35 in
Back ventral hold 48 po x 35 in
(Length x Width)



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