A Boeing 737-200 fleet at your service

Looking to transport several employees, a large amount of cargo, or bring an entire team and its heavy equipment to your destination? Not sure how to do so? Nolinor Aviation has the solution: our fleet of Boeing 737-200 aircraft will meet every one of your requirements.

Our Boeing 737-200 aircraft can accommodate up to 119 passengers in a full passenger configuration. The aircraft can also be configured to accommodate a combination of passengers and cargo or as a full cargo freighter. The Boeing 737-200 has a payload capability of 30,000 lbs. (13,600 kg) in all configurations.

We also provide operational flexibility for our clients as our aircraft are equipped to operate in and out of remote gravel strips, ice strips and short and narrow runways. The Boeing 737-200 offers the reliability, flexibility, payload, speed, comfort and range that each client can depend on for their specific charter requirements.

Registration C-GTUK, C-GNLN, GNRD, GNLK, C-GNLW and C-GNLA
Configurations 11 pax/ 6 pallets, Payload available 26 620 lbs
29 pax/ 5 pallets, Payload available 22 440 lbs
34 pax/ 4 pallets, Payload available 21 560 lbs
59 pax/ 3 pallets, Payload available 15 180 lbs
77 pax/ 2 pallets, Payload available 11 000 lbs
Cargo weight 30 580 lbs
Empty weight 65 720 lbs
Gross weight 119 500 lbs
Range 5 hours plus reserve
Cruise speed 776 km/hr
Fuel consumption Jet –A (975 gal/hr)
Minimum runway length 5 000 ft paved / 5 000 ft gravel


Forward Cargo 84,5 po x 134 in
Belly Cargo 48 po x 34 in
Rear Cargo 48 po x 8 in
(Height x Width)



Download 737 specifications in PDF
Download cargo specifications in PDF
Download tanker specifications in PDF