The Boeing 737-400: The Long-Haul Solution

The Boeing 737-400, which has a longer fuselage than a 737-300, is ideal for transporting groups over longer distances. Our aircraft have an economy-class layout with seating for 159.

Nolinor Aviation’s fleet of Boeing 737-400s allows us to offer our clients non-stop flights to more distant destinations like the Caribbean while carrying larger payloads. For example, Montréal–Mexico City takes 5 hours and 16 minutes. Tour operators can charter this type of craft to create custom packages.

On-board comfort and amenities allow travellers to enjoy higher-quality in-flight service than they’ll find on ordinary airlines. The aircraft is suitable for sports clubs, troupes of artists (such as orchestras), conference attendees and groups of tourists, and it can even serve as a replacement plane for other carriers.

Our Boeing 737-400s are a great addition to our present fleet and make it possible to arrange more complex missions to transport large groups (emergency evacuations, cruises, military troop movements, seasonal workers).

This type of craft has a long proven safety record. We’ve installed on each one a real-time flight monitoring system that keeps us in contact with operations at all times.

Nolinor 737-400

Our fleet of Boeing 737-400s will be available in the summer of 2020.

Economy 159 pax
Empty weight 34365 kgs /  75775 lbs
Gross weight 68038  kgs /  150000 lbs
Range 4 630 km / 2 500 nm
Cruise speed 885 km/h /  550 mph
Fuel consumption Jet – A (795 gal/hr)
Minimum runway length 6 000 ft paved
Front ventral hold 48 in x 35 in
Back ventral hold 48 in x 35 in
(Length x Width)



Download 737-400 specifications in PDF