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Over the years, Nolinor Aviation has specialized in flying employees to remote regions. We offer customized fly in fly out solutions to companies in a variety of domains (mining and oil development, Armed Forces, Coast Guard, etc.), who need to arrange transport for employees to remote locations. To ensure flawless coordination and safe travel, this type of travel requires an expert in air travel logistics.

On board our aircraft, your employees enjoy excellent service from our experienced staff. These assets are what Nolinor is known for and why the company performs the largest fly in fly out in the country.

There are a number of factors to consider when planning successful fly in fly out operations. Nolinor Aviation clients can be assured of the following.


Nolinor Aviation knows that your employees are your most precious resources. That’s why our team has implemented a series of measures to ensure a high level of security, regardless of final destination. To learn more about our safety measures for fly-in fly-out services, please visit the “Safety” page on our website.

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Flexible schedules

When it comes to operations, each company has very specific needs required to maximize resources. To facilitate fly-in fly-out services service, it’s important to work with a specialized carrier. If your company needs a customized schedule, let us know! We can also adapt that schedule if your needs change—and without penalty.



Nolinor Aviation is the only carrier specializing in fly-in fly-out. Our experience in the field enables us to implement all the procedures and systems (ground shuttle, welcome counter, restaurants, waiting areas, baggage security, cargo storage, etc.) needed to ensure proper operations all year long.

Saving time

Regular air travel has unfortunately become synonymous with “wasted time”, thanks to the many delays caused by security and thronged terminals. But it is possible to transit through a less trafficked airport, to get personalized service and to avoid unnecessary delays. By opting for a corporate shuttle, your personnel completely avoid the hassles of public terminals and use private terminals instead.


Saving money

Fares for remote travel are typically inflated, but a private shuttle will help you save money on most flights. If you also factor in more work hours and destination costs that can avoided by opting for personalized service, the benefits really start to add up before your eyes.


Nolinor Aviation can establish a schedule, manage seating, supervise departures/arrivals and handle any last-minute cargo changes needed to maintain your activities at destination. Our team offers comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your needs and ultimately, save you time and money.


Do your needs change according to the week or the seasons? Nolinor Aviation has a variety of aircraft with different configurations to best meet your passenger or cargo transport needs. In fact, we can transport passengers, cargo or a combination of both. Furthermore, if you have any last-minute changes, our team can quickly adapt the configurations of our aircraft.


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