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Emergency and disaster relief

Our vast experience and intricate network of strategic alliances empower us to confront and surmount formidable challenges, transcending mere effectiveness to provide transformative relief efforts.

Our unwavering commitment to immediate and impactful responses, coupled with our proven resilience in the face of adversity, has firmly established Nolinor Aviation as a reliable and robust partner in global disaster management, constantly ready to address the world's most pressing issues.

Management Services

Our work is about building resilience and fostering development. Our suite of services is designed to meet a broad range of needs effectively and efficiently:

Emergency Control Center

In times of crisis, an Emergency Control Center (ECC) becomes the nerve center for disaster response, coordinating efforts, managing resources, and making critical decisions. Our clients may require rapid deployment of an ECC in response to unforeseen events or as a part of their disaster preparedness strategy.

Airport services management

Our emergency response team is always ready to provide exceptional airport services at the most critical times. From the coordination of various customs services, to the integrated management of aircraft loading and unloading operations and from flexible warehousing solutions to top-of-the-range catering services, our team ensures that your operations are facilitated and optimized.

Rapid Emergency Response

We offer immediate, unparalleled emergency response solutions anywhere in the world, combining our resources to provide life-sustaining services when they’re most needed. No place is too remote, no challenge too severe for our dedicated team.

Aircraft Fleet coordination

Our experienced team offers industry knowledge and connections to ensure maximum fleet adaptability and flight coordination to better manage the crisis.

Emergency Transportation Services

Our suite of emergency transportation services is designed to meet a broad range of needs effectively and efficiently:

Oversize Air Transport

Regardless of the circumstances or scale, our specialty lies in guaranteeing secure and punctual deliveries. Our oversize air transport services ensure your cargo arrives safely and on schedule, regardless of the situation.

Passenger Transport

In times of crisis, we provide safe and efficient passenger transport for governments, militaries, and NGOs. Our wealth of experience and industry connections enable us to deliver unmatched support when it matters most.

Cargo Air Transport

We specialize in meeting time-sensitive requirements in the most challenging environments. Our established partnerships with trusted carriers guarantee your cargo arrives safely, exactly when and where you need it.

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