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An example of flexibility in times of crisis


On May 31, 2023, an emergency situation arose in the Minganie region of Quebec. The closure of the Touzel Bridge, which linked Sept-Îles to Minganie, necessitated a rapid and efficient solution to ensure the transport of passengers and freight between the two communities.

Nolinor Aviation was commissioned by the Quebec government to set up an air bridge. The Nolinor team quickly mobilized to establish a link between Sept-Îles and Havre St-Pierre, thus ensuring the continuity of essential travel for the inhabitants of these two towns. In addition, a second airlift was quickly put in place to transport freight to Havre St-Pierre. A complex task that Nolinor handled with efficiency and professionalism.

Coordinated and set up in less than 24 hours, the Nolinor team put three aircraft into service to provide these temporary airlifts, a daily operation that was maintained for three weeks. The operation was completed in record time, underlining once again Nolinor Aviation’s responsiveness and flexibility.

This air bridge is an eloquent example of Nolinor’s ability to respond rapidly to any emergency situation, while always ensuring the highest level of safety and service for its passengers and customers.