Nolinor, the charter flight specialist

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is the largest airline carrier offering specialized commercial charter flights in Canada. Thanks to our fleet of aircraft, which can be readily configured numerous ways, we continuously meet our clients’ varying needs for transporting passengers, cargo, or both. We offer air service to all regions of Québec and across Canada, the United States and multiple other destinations around the world, including remote regions where gravel and ice runways are the norm.

Nolinor stands out for the safety of its equipment and services. We employ a type A operational control system, supported by a flight-tracking satellite system and highly qualified personnel. Our team is made up of expert pilots, experienced flight attendants, certified flight dispatchers and mechanics who rank top of their industry. Together, they ensure the reliability of every one of our flights, and allow us to offer unparalleled service.

Nolinor Aviation is a private company, wholly owned by the Prud’homme family trust and chaired by Mr. Jacques Prud’homme.

History: Passionate about aviation and quality service for more than 25 years

Upon inception in 1992, Nolinor Aviation focused on passenger transport between Dorval and Schefferville on Convair 580 aircraft. Staff enthusiasm and the specialization of the services provided promptly brought the company great success.

In 1999, following a change of shareholders and the arrival of Jacques Prud’homme as President of Operations, Nolinor took a new turn. Under the dynamics of this new management, Nolinor sets its sight on increasing its charter flight market share. That very year, the company obtained a Transport Canada certification for its maintenance division, and immediately began to improve the quality of its operations.

Two years later, driven by the desire to diversify its activities, Nolinor purchased its first cargo plane to provide DHL Express with daily flight services between Dorval and Cincinnati. This new service brought Nolinor’s reliability into the spotlight, and positioned the company in the just-in-time service industry. Soon after, on the heels of the mineral exploration boom in the Canadian North, Nolinor purchased two additional cargo planes
In 2004, recognized for its expertise, particularly on gravel and ice runways, Nolinor becomes one of the leading charter flight providers. It was also then that the Prud’Homme family trust became the majority stockholder, and Mr. Jacques Prud’Homme, President of the board.

At the end of 2005, on the back of such strong growth, Nolinor moves its maintenance facility from Dorval to Mirabel, where it occupies a 100,000 square-foot hangar with 25,000 square feet for offices and workshops.

In 2007, two Boeing 737 aircraft were added to the fleet, allowing the company to offer longer flights and first class on-board service.

One year later, Nolinor furthers its expansion, heading overseas to Africa with a contract for transporting cargo between Libreville and Port Gentil in Gabon.

In 2011, to meet the growing demand for transportation to the Canadian Far North, Nolinor outfitted one of its Boeing 737s with a gravel runway kit. The company can therefore meet the needs of mining companies, and transport more than a hundred passengers to extremely remote villages. At the end of the year, facing ever-increasing growth, Nolinor acquires a third Boeing 737, and the Prud’homme family trust buys the remaining block of shares to become the sole shareholder of Nolinor.

Nolinor, recognized for excellence

Nolinor Aviation has been honoured on three separate occasions by the annual National Bank SME Awards, highlighting its strong performance and excellent management.

In 2006 and 2009, Nolinor won Gold in the SME category for the Laval-North Western Québec region. In 2006, it won Bronze in the same category at the provincial level.