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05.31.22 Nolinor Aviation raises the entry-level salary of all its flight attendants

From their first year of service, the company’s flight attendants will earn $45,000 annually.

01.27.22 5G and aviation interference: non-issue for Nolinor

The media has recently highlighted potential interference issues related to 5G cellular networks and the potential impact on the aviation industry. America’s aviation regulatory body, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates […]

10.15.21 Nolinor selects 4 employees for its 2021 cohort of the Become a Pilot program

Nolinor is proud to announce the selection of 4 employees for its 2021 cohort of the Become a Pilot program. This program allows our employees to realize their dream of […]

09.29.21 Nolinor Aviation Offers a Cargo Flight to the Rankin Inlet Region

After a first collaboration with Food Banks Canada during the pandemic last year, Nolinor Aviation is proud to announce that the partnership has been renewed for 2021. For a second […]

09.22.21 Nolinor selects Pan Am Flight Academy in Miami as pilot training partner for Boeing 737-800

Following the recent acquisition of its first Boeing 737-800, leading carrier Nolinor Aviation, conducted an in-depth analysis to find a training center that could deliver quality training services for their pilots. After their market analysis, the airline unhesitatingly selected Pan Am Flight Academy located in Miami, Florida.

09.13.21 Heading to Los Cabos : OWG Travel offers its first direct flights to Los Cabos, Mexico

OWG Travel announces its first-ever direct flights to Los Cabos, Mexico. Starting today with departures as early as March 2022, OWG will offer three new exclusive flights and packages to this trending destination for Quebecers.

09.03.21 l’île de l’amour : OWG will be the official carrier of the show

As l’île de l’amour, the Quebec adaptation of the TV show Love Island, kicks off on September 12th at 9 p.m. on TVA and TVA+, OWG is proud to announce […]

08.05.21 First Boeing 737-800 for OWG

A year after its arrival in the Quebec aviation market, OWG, the newest division of Nolinor Aviation, is getting ready to bounce back from the pandemic by adding its first […]

04.06.21 Extreme makeover

The road to become a pilot isn’t an easy one. You either need to have a lot of money and free time OR be top of your class at school […]

03.02.21 The first Become a Pilot program graduate

Our first graduate! In March 2018, Nolinor Aviation launched its Become a Pilot airline pilot training program for current and future employees, as a way to address the critical shortage […]