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06.08.23 Nolinor Aviation uses AI to revolutionize its safety system

Artificial intelligence powers aviation
Nolinor Aviation is the first airline in Canada to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into a safety management system (SMS) to manage incident reporting.

06.03.23 Nolinor Aviation : Emergency mine evacuation

In June 2023, following a precautionary evacuation of the Newmont/Eléonar mine due to the intense forest fire in the James Bay/Abitibi region, Nolinor dispatched an emergency 737 to evacuate workers to Mirabel.

06.01.23 An Efficient Air Bridge to Natashquan in May 2023

On May 31, 2023, the Touzel Bridge between Sept-Îles and Mainganie was closed, so Nolinor crews, mandated by the Quebec government, flew passengers from Sept-Îles to Havre St-Pierre. In addition, another airlift was set up to transport the cargo to Havre St-Pierre. All this was coordinated by Nolinor crews on the same day, so that three aircraft could service the temporary bridges. All this was in place for a total of 3 weeks.

05.15.23 SÉPAQ Anticosti chooses Nolinor Aviation for its touristic offerings

The Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ) has retained Nolinor Aviation, a Quebec-based charter company located in Mirabel, in the Laurentians, to help optimize hunting tourism services to the Eastern part of the Anticosti island.

05.01.23 Nolinor Aviation Appoints Oliver Tomczak as New Director of Operations

Nolinor Aviation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Oliver Tomczak as its new Director of Operations. Oliver, a 32-year-old adventure enthusiast, has been an integral member of the Nolinor […]

05.01.23 Nolinor Aviation reaches one million subscribers on TikTok

Nolinor Aviation, the most popular Quebec airline on TikTok, has just exceeded the one million subscriber mark and 12.5 million “Likes” on this platform in full growth. It is the […]

10.31.22 An interview with Marco Prud’Homme, our President!

“Nolinor offers full circle services to mining clients. We will transport fuel to the mining site during the exploration stage, and once the project reaches maturity and construction starts, we have bigger aircrafts to meet increased cargo and passenger requirements.”

05.31.22 Nolinor Aviation raises the entry-level salary of all its flight attendants

From their first year of service, the company’s flight attendants will earn $45,000 annually.

01.27.22 5G and aviation interference: non-issue for Nolinor

The media has recently highlighted potential interference issues related to 5G cellular networks and the potential impact on the aviation industry. America’s aviation regulatory body, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates […]

10.15.21 Nolinor selects 4 employees for its 2021 cohort of the Become a Pilot program

Nolinor is proud to announce the selection of 4 employees for its 2021 cohort of the Become a Pilot program. This program allows our employees to realize their dream of […]