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Nolinor Aviation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Oliver Tomczak as its new Director of Operations. Oliver, a 32-year-old adventure enthusiast, has been an integral member of the Nolinor team since 2014, when he joined the company as a flight dispatcher.

Over the years, Oliver has demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills by holding various critical positions, including Flight Operations QA Manager and Assistant-Director of Operations. His dedication and hard work have enabled him to quickly rise through the ranks, making his latest promotion to Director of Operations well-deserved.

“Nine years ago, I started my journey with Nolinor Aviation, and it has been nothing but a great privilege to grow and learn alongside some of the most dedicated and talented individuals in the industry.””

said Oliver.

Oliver’s spirit of adventure and passion for exploring new horizons have undoubtedly contributed to his success at Nolinor Aviation. His appointment as Director of Operations is a testament to the company’s commitment to nurturing talent within its organization and promoting from within.

Oliver’s contagious passion for aviation sets him apart. He has a fire in his eyes,” said Andrée-Anne Lauzon, Nolinor’s Human Resources Vice-President.

As Director of Operations, Oliver will be responsible for overseeing flight operations, crew, and regulatory compliance. His vast experience in the industry and track record of success make him an ideal candidate for the role.

The company’s Vice President of Operations, Yves Bergeron, expressed confidence in Oliver’s abilities, saying,

“Oliver has become a key member of the organization that can be counted on. His appointment to Director of Operations is well-deserved, and we have no doubt that he will continue to excel in this new role.”

The Nolinor team wishes him well in this new adventure, and is confident that his leadership will guide the organization towards continued growth and success.