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Nolinor Aviation, the most popular Quebec airline on TikTok, has just exceeded the one million subscriber mark and 12.5 million “Likes” on this platform in full growth. It is the first Quebec company to reach such a milestone on this social network.

For two years, BDK agency, a 100% locally owned Quebec digital start-up, has implemented an innovative strategy for Nolinor Aviation, focused on creating original, accessible and cutting-edge content. This strategy has enabled Nolinor to stand out through numerous viral publications that have been viewed millions of times and become the second most followed airline in the world on TikTok.

According to Marco Prud’Homme, CEO of Nolinor Aviation and one of the first investors in the agency:

“At the beginning, it was difficult to predict the impact our presence on TikTok would have. We knew we had interesting potential, but we could not have imagined the current results. Some of our videos have tens of millions of views, #nolinor has more than 300 million views! Today, we know that most of the employees we hire have discovered our company on this platform. For the first time in 30 years, the company has also received a large number of applications from all over the world.”

Karyane Boisjoli-Desjardins, Director of Strategy and Brand Image at BDK, adds: “The company believed in the potential of our team. We had full creative freedom to create content on all platforms, which allowed us to position Nolinor as the leading Quebec company on TikTok and the most followed airline in Quebec on Instagram. The commitment and involvement of Nolinor employees made all the difference.”

For Neil Cameron, Head of Canadian Agency Partnerships at TikTok, reaching this milestone marks a turning point in the place of organizations within this social network,

“Nolinor comprehends that showing up as a member of the community is the best way to earn brand love and deliver meaningful results.”

Reaching this important goal is only the beginning for BDK agency, which must now respond to the strong demand from many companies wanting to also reach this level of popularity on emerging digital platforms. The agency is in the process of strengthening its team and plans to move by the end of the year to a new digital creation studio located in Blainville.