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Artificial intelligence powers aviation

Nolinor Aviation, a specialized charter airline, unveils today an innovative new safety management system. Nolinor Aviation is the first airline in Canada to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into a safety management system (SMS) to manage incident reporting.

20 years ago, Nolinor Aviation was the first airline in Canadian civil aviation history to receive full Transport Canada approval for its Safety Management System. Today, the Mirabel-based carrier continues to innovate by implementing AI in the management of its SMS reports. This innovation allows the automation of several processes related to SMS reporting.

“Processing reports has always represented a significant workload for our team. We worked with P3F to study our processes and come up with practical solutions to automate a significant part of the process by integrating various AI solutions. The new solution enables us to process reports faster and more efficiently. As a bonus, the system now produces recommendations that we can draw on to further improve our flight operations and strengthen our safety mission”, stated Olivier Richer, Safety Management Systems Director at Nolinor Aviation.

This partnership between P3F and Nolinor Aviation opens the door to larger projects. The carrier is already thinking of adding other functions to its system thanks to AI.

“ The results are very promising, and we now want to add additional resources to take things even further. That’s why our company recently became a partner of the Institut québécois d’intelligence artificielle (MILA) to add additional resources and talent.”

– Marco Prud’homme, President of Nolinor Aviation.

These initiatives reflect Nolinor Aviation’s commitment to passenger and crew safety, while providing a secure and comfortable flying experience. As an airline, Nolinor Aviation will continue to look for new ways to use technology to innovate safety in its industry.

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