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Pilotes Nolinor de Boeing 737


As the aviation industry faces a shortage of pilots, compounded by regulatory challenges and the after-effects of the pandemic, Nolinor Aviation is setting itself apart with a bold initiative aimed at valuing and retaining talent within its team. Recognizing the crucial importance of its pilots in maintaining the quality of service for which the company is renowned, Nolinor has announced a major revision of the salary grid for its Boeing 737 Captains.

This new pay scale features a salary increase from 25% to 40%, placing the starting salary of a new Boeing 737 Captain at $175,000, with a progression to over $250,000 at the highest level. This initiative is complemented by an increase in rest days and a future review of the salary scale for first officers, reaffirming Nolinor’s commitment to offering optimal working conditions.

Nolinor Aviation President Marco Prud’Homme highlights the importance of this decision:

“At Nolinor, we are proud of the exceptional skills and dedication of our pilots. Their ability to operate in extreme conditions, be it on gravel runways or frozen lakes, demands recognition commensurate with their expertise. This salary review is an investment in our most valuable asset, our employees, and reflects our determination to remain the preferred choice for aviation talent.”


This compensation strategy, the most generous among companies operating in Northern Canada, and highly competitive at national level, is designed to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. It is part of a series of initiatives taken by Nolinor to counter the shortage of pilots, including the “Become A Pilot” training program, to prepare the next generation of pilots and ensure uninterrupted, high-quality service to its customers.

Nolinor Aviation also continues to invest in the ongoing training and development of its pilots, consolidating an unrivaled level of competence and expertise within its team. These measures are indicative of Nolinor’s deep commitment to promoting a working environment where excellence and passion for aviation are at the heart of everything they do.

This bold initiative by Nolinor Aviation reaffirms its role as a leader in specialized air transport and its commitment to responding effectively to market challenges, while actively contributing to the economic development of northern Canada. Nolinor proudly positions itself as an employer of choice, ready to welcome aviation professionals eager to be part of an exceptional team.