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On May 1st, Nolinor Aviation hit a homerun by chartering the world’s largest cargo aircraft for one of its customers. The Antonov 225, which had left Ukraine a few days before, had landed in China to collect a cargo of 1,000 cubic meters of protective equipment dedicated to healthcare professionals to help in the fight against Covid- 19.

The aircraft touched down at about 8:30 p.m. at Mirabel Airport on Friday evening in front of hundreds of curious onlookers who came from the surrounding areas to witness the gigantic plane land. On board, 22 crew members had just connected from China to Quebec after a technical stop in Anchorage, Alaska.



Upon arrival, the Nolinor Aviation ramp team, assisted by personnel from the Avjet group, began unloading the aircraft. The interior cabin, over 42 meters long, contained hundreds of boxes which were loaded onto 9 Robert Transport heavy-good vehicles; all this under the supervision of Montreal Airport security.

“A big thank you to those who worked on the flight yesterday. More specifically the employees of Nolinor who worked on unloading, the Avjet Holding team, the Robert Transport truck fleet, the Montreal Airport, our partner in this flight, Momentum Solutions, and Vincent Dufort for having carried out everything from the beginning to the end this challenge. Special mention to Jean-François Lépine O.C. for his help in China. Thanks to those who wish to remain anonymous. A big thank you to the media for all this visibility. A big thank you to the others I might have forgotten and to all of you for your comments / feedback / photos and nice words “said Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation.

The ground crew worked all night handling the cargo. At approximately 5:12 a.m., all of the content had been distributed and the crew began preparations to leave the Montreal area. The logistics of this flight were made possible thanks to the collaboration of Momentum Solutions and the involvement of Mr. Jean-François Lépine.