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Nolinor Aviation is proud to announce the acquisition of a second Cessna 172 for its Become a Pilot program. This Cessna 172 (C-172), rich in history and carefully restored, will be made available to Nolinor Aviation employees, offering an exceptional pilot training opportunity.

Launched in 2020, the Become a Pilot program has already enabled more than twenty employees to obtain their professional pilot licenses and realize their dreams of flying. More than ten of them are now active as pilots within the company, attesting to the growing success and increased importance of this program.

Through its Become a Pilot program, Nolinor Aviation has successfully overcome the pilot shortage at the end of the pandemic. This program stands out for its unparalleled commitment to the professional development of its employees and represents a proactive response by the company to a major challenge in the aviation industry. It demonstrates Nolinor’s commitment to the sustainability of its operations and the maintenance of its quality standards. By covering all training costs, Nolinor offers its team an unprecedented opportunity to pursue their passion for aviation without the usual financial constraints.

The new Cessna 172 also holds sentimental value. Marco Prud’Homme, president of Nolinor Aviation, explains the decision to repurchase the aircraft:

“In the fall of 2021, I shared a message on social media about the entrepreneurial legacy of my grandfather Victorien, illustrated by a vintage photo of him in front of his first plane, a Cessna 172 registered CF-HWO. Shortly after this post, Simon Contant of Air Tunilik informed us that this plane had been abandoned in Laval for over twelve years. After an initial inspection, the decision was made to repurchase and restore the aircraft.

Following extensive research and meticulous restoration carried out by Lila Design for the original livery and Aviatech of Alma for the refurbishment work, representing an investment of over $275,000, the restored aircraft was unveiled for the first time on May 30, 2024, at the 11th Quebec Air and Space Hall of Fame Induction Gala. This presentation also honored Victorien Prud’Homme and his family for their remarkable contributions to the Quebec aviation sector.