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Developed in collaboration with Boucherville-based breweries Boldwin and Vagabond, the personalized beers will be offered exclusively to Nolinor passengers—a first in Quebec!

Mirabel, August 21, 2018 – Nolinor Aviation, in collaboration with breweries Boldwin and Vagabond, is pleased to unveil two new, certified-organic craft beers. The special edition beers produced by Vagabond and Boldwin have been named TUK and TAP in honour of the first Boeing 737 and Convair 580 aircraft acquired for Nolinor’s fleet. Starting in early August, the beer will be served to passengers on board Nolinor flights and can also be enjoyed at Bistro Roquette & Balsamique at Nolinor’s facilities in Mirabel.

With this launch, Nolinor Aviation becomes the first airline in Quebec to produce and serve its own brand of beer, making for an even more personalized in-flight experience.

The major collaboration with Boldwin and Vagabond came about through an initiative by Serge Champagne, a Nolinor employee.

“The idea came to me in November 2017 during a visit to a microbrewery. I immediately approached the owners of Nolinor, who offered support for my initiative. After over a year of work, I’m very proud to see this partnership come to fruition. It will help distinguish us from other airlines while supporting a local microbrewery that cares about the quality of its products and the environment,” explains Serge Champagne, Procurement and Cargo Director at Nolinor Aviation.

After months working on concepts and designs for the brand, Nolinor Aviation and New Deal Brewing Co. are proud to unveil two new partner beers brewed exclusively for the Mirabel-based carrier.

“When Mr. Champagne approached us with the idea, we were immediately thrilled. Finally, a Quebec microbrew you can enjoy in the skies! We’re confident that our organic craft beer will appeal to the most refined tastes of Nolinor passengers,” says Denis Bélair, co-owner of New Deal Brewing Co.

TUK: a generous blond lager

Named in honour of the very first Boeing 737-200 added to Nolinor’s fleet when it registered the C-GTUK, TUK is a generous organic blond lager. Developed by “nomadic brewers” Vagabond, this Czech-stile Bohemian pilsner will leave passengers thirsting for adventure: a perfect match for an aircraft capable of landing on snow, ice and dirt runways.

TAP: a refined rousse

TAP is an extra special bitter rousse ale named in honour of the first Convair 580 airliner acquired by Nolinor. Marketed under the Boldwin brand in Quebec, this perfectly balanced beer is sure to please both refined and adventurous palates.