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In a world dominated by engine noise, Kelly Lamontagne stands out as an emblematic figure of perseverance and passion for aviation. Discover the exceptional journey of our young Captain, who went from the ramp to the cockpit of a B737-200 with remarkable ambition and unfailing determination.

A love of aviation born in the Far North

Being raised in Nunavut, Kelly grew up in an environment where the plane was the main means of transport to reach her family in Quebec. It was in this context that she developed a fascination for the power and grandeur of airplanes, always wondering how they were maneuvered. Contrary to preconceived ideas that often associate flying with careers as astronauts or fighter pilots, Kelly discovered that it was accessible to anyone who dared to dream big. This revelation motivated her to embark on a career as a Pilot.

From ramp to cockpit: a meteoric rise

Her career path really took off at Nolinor, where she began by working on the ramp at Mirabel airport. Fascinated by Boeing 737-200s, she pursued her studies in piloting while gaining invaluable experience on the ground. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, she quickly rose through the ranks. After obtaining all the necessary licenses, she joined Panorama Aviation as First Officer on the PC12, fulfilling her dream of flying in her native Nunavut.

Her experience at Panorama was particularly rewarding, enabling her to fly across Canada and take part in crucial missions such as transporting the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine to isolated communities. Promoted to Captain after just one year, she has demonstrated her expertise and ability to carry out missions under pressure. In November 2022, her journey finally brought her back to Nolinor as First Officer on the Boeing 737-200.

A stimulating corporate culture and significant responsibilities

For Kelly, choosing Nolinor over any other airline proved to be a decisive decision. She particularly values the working atmosphere and spirit of adventure that prevail within the company, which emphasizes flights to the north and various international charter missions. She emphasizes that Nolinor fosters an environment where passion and commitment are the main driving forces, enabling each team member to develop professionally.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to grow at Nolinor, where every flight is a new adventure and every day at work brings me a little closer to my roots. It’s much more than a job, it’s the realization of a childhood dream that continues to grow with me.” – Kelly Lamontagne

In her role as Captain, Kelly takes on considerable responsibility, likening herself to an orchestra conductor who ensures the harmony and efficiency of her crew to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.

An increasingly accessible field

Kelly celebrates the increasing accessibility of aviation to women, asserting that attitudes are changing for the better. She urges young people interested in aviation to try it, even at amateur level, to experience the freedom of flight. She stresses the importance of networking, often the key to opening the first doors in this sector.

Kelly Lamontagne, with her exemplary career and unwavering passion, continues to fly high, proving that the sky is not the limit, but rather the beginning of a never-ending adventure.