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We are thrilled to announce that Greg Wolejko will be returning to the Nolinor Aviation team. Greg began his career as a flight dispatcher at Nolinor in July 2007, at a time when we were integrating our first Boeing 737-200. He worked closely with Yves Bergeron, implementing the flight following service and developing our flight data system (FDS). His ideas and influence are still felt at Nolinor Aviation today. Greg is passionate about aviation.

“Greg’s return to Nolinor marks a return to normal. Our company has always tried to set itself apart through innovation rather than glitz and glamour. With his experience, Greg will help drive our company’s expansion through the ongoing improvement of our operations,” explained Jacques Prud’homme, President of Nolinor Aviation.

Greg left the team a few years ago to meet new challenges. After a brief foray to the dark side, he realized how important it is to work for a carrier with a real long-term vision. Greg—like others at Nolinor—had to see what else was out there so he could come back better than ever. He is happy and proud to be part of our incredible team once again.

Greg will take on the role Flight Operations Quality Assurance Manager (FOQA Manager) in the Safety division. We are counting on you to make him feel welcome.

Nolinor Aviation has created a top-quality team over the years, ensuring its customers get service that exceeds expectations, as we have done for the last 25 years.

Welcome home!