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Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the airline is expanding its fleet


Mirabel, May 12, 2020 – Nolinor Aviation, who recently made headlines with the Antonov225 flight in Mirabel, is announcing the addition of three Boeing 737-400 aircraft to its fleet, allowing the carrier to increase its capacity and to offer more flexibility to its clients during the economic recovery. Nolinor Aviation has been proactive since the beginning of the crisis and used its fleet of Boeing 737-200s to repatriate Canadians this past March.

“The Boeing 737-400 is a major addition to our fleet. It’s a way to modernize our services and improve energy efficiency. When the crisis is over, Nolinor Aviation will be in a favourable position at the starting line,” said Marco Prud’Homme, President of Nolinor Aviation.

With this announcement, Nolinor, which has been based in Mirabel since 2005, will become the only airline in Québec to offer this type of aircraft on the market. The cabin will seat 158 in economy class configuration, so these planes can be used for larger groups of passengers. Each plane will be modified to comply with Nolinor Aviation’s service and safety standards. The airline uses SkyTrack technology to monitor its aircraft in real time around the world.

Nolinor Aviation’s fleet of Boeing 737-400s will give its clients non-stop access to more distant destinations such as the Caribbean and carry larger payloads. On-board comfort and amenities will provide travellers with excellent in-flight service. This type of aircraft is ideal for sports clubs, troupes of artists (such as orchestras), conference attendees and groups of tourists. Nolinor Aviation will also be able to offer these services to other airlines experiencing technical problems.


Features of the 737-400

The new 737-400s are equipped with the latest satellite monitoring technology, ADS-B, a satellite communication system used to contact the airplane directly during the flight. They can carry out LPV GPS approaches, which are more recent and accurate, as well as Category II ILS approaches. The cabins are equipped with new ultralight titanium seats designed to offer more legroom and wider cushions than normally used in this category of aircraft.

Its maximum cruising speed is 908 km/h (491 knots) and its optimum cruising speed is 794 km/h (429 knots). It can fly 4,973 km (2,685 NM) with a normal load and a fuel tank filled to maximum capacity.

Vincent Dufort, Director of Business Development, is very enthusiastic about offering this new option to his clients,

“This acquisition will allow us to meet a wider range of needs. Clients will be able to reserve their flight on a 737-400 very shortly by contacting me.”