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Nolinor’s second collaboration with Boldwin brewers provides clients with a customized beer and pays homage to workers in the Far North.


Mirabel, December 19, 2019 – Today, Nolinor Aviation launches GOLD, a new custom beer bearing the company’s colours. GOLD is an organic and artisanal blond beer brewed in Québec by Boldwin (Brasserie New Deal) and will be available to Nolinor clients exclusively. 

This new beer pays homage to clients who use Nolinor’s fly in, fly out services to reach Canadian mines in the Far North. It’s a nod to a major segment of Nolinor’s customer base who board the largest fleet of 737-200s in the world and who account for nearly 80% of the company’s flights every year. The label’s retro design, created by Marie Bergeron in collaboration with the P3F agency, recalls the relentless work miners put into the search for gold.

“GOLD” also represents Nolinor Aviation’s level of certification in operations safety and quality. Nolinor hopes that this high-quality blond beer brewed in Québec will showcase their pride in a job well done and will demonstrate Nolinor’s thirst for adventure. “We have a lot of partners in the mining industry; the idea was to acknowledge our clients and to thank them for choosing Nolinor on a regular basis!” explains Marco Prud’Homme, Vice President of Nolinor Aviation.

A successful first trio

By introducing TUK and TAP in 2018—beers named after the first Boeing 737 and Convair 580 crafts in their fleet—Nolinor Aviation became the first airline carrier in Québec to offer customized beers. Special editions of Vagabond and Boldwin beers are always available to Nolinor passengers and at Bistro Roquette & Balsamique, located in Nolinor’s Mirabel facilities. GOLD completes this first trio of beers perfectly, and its retro design blends seamlessly with the TUK and TAP labels.

A collaboration worth its weight in gold

Like TUK and TAP, GOLD is a collaboration between Nolinor Aviation and Brasserie New Deal, a microbrewery located in Boucherville, Québec that specializes in local, sustainable and artisanal products. The two companies have worked closely since 2018, creating new and exclusive high-quality products for Nolinor’s clientele.

About Nolinor Aviation 

Founded in 1992, Nolinor Aviation is the largest airline carrier offering specialized commercial charter flights. Thanks to our fleet of aircraft, which can be readily configured numerous ways, we continuously meet our clients’ varying needs for transporting passengers, cargo, or both. We offer air service across Canada, the United States and other multiple destinations around the world. Nolinor stands out for the safety of its equipment and services. Our team of 265 employees in six Canadian provinces is made up of expert pilots, experienced flight attendants, certified flight dispatchers and industry-leading mechanics. Nolinor Aviation (IATA code N5) is a private company, wholly owned by the Prud’homme family trust. For more information, visit and follow us on IG: @nolinoraviation.