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Nolinor Aviation is pleased to announce that they’ve added a fourth Boeing 737-200 jet to their growing fleet. The aircraft will add much needed capacity to the charter fleet and is planned to fly primarily from a base of operations in Kitchener, Ontario, where the airline’s Inuit Joint Venture Company, Sarvaq Aviation, is based.

“We are very excited to be expanding our fleet and consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have many long term clients that have supported the growth of our family owned airline. With our partners across Northern Canada, we’re fortunate to be growing while other airlines are facing uncertain futures in these difficult times.” said Jacques Prud’homme, president of Nolinor Aviation. ““Adding another combi jet, capable of carrying passengers and large cargo, will enable us to expand with our clients as they grow, and allows us to continue to grow stronger in Northern Canada, where we’re already the only dedicated charter airline.”

While the Boeing 737-200 jets are growing more and more difficult to find, these legacy generation jets are some of the only jet aircraft able to land and takeoff from gravel runways, making them the workhorse of the fleet for Canada’s northern airlines. Nolinor operates aircraft for customers throughout Northern Canada, where they provide charter flights for industrial clients, government, and resource industry clients.