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The Nolinor Aviation team is proud to announce the addition of three Boeing 737-400 aircraft to its fleet. Some flights have already departed since the official start of operations and you can book your next flight as of now.

We paid special attention to the cabin by adding state-of-the-art seats to give passengers more space. Our technical team has completely redone the interior of the cabin and even changed the type of lighting to offer a truly unique flight experience. The aircraft has an economical configuration of 159 seats, but with unrivalled passenger space.

Nolinor Aviation has invested more than $20 million in the development of this new fleet to ensure that all the security systems synonymous with our trademark are present. The range and payload available are also greater on the Boeing 737-400 than on our other aircraft.

If you’re looking for a device that can give more flexibility during this pandemic period, our new Boeing 737-400s will allow you to set up more space between your passengers. Our staff are also familiar with the industry’s best practices and have flown thousands of hours since the beginning of the pandemic, without incident.

We offer this type of device under a new trademark called OWG. Our goal with this new division is to reinvent the flight experience by keeping our passengers close to heart.

We invite you to check OWG to see all the benefits of our new Boeing 737-400.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a first submission quickly. Our charter team will accompany you from A to Z! ​


Mark Brandon

​Welcome on board!