When another transporter’s plane is grounded, Nolinor Aviation is often called in to replace that aircraft. This service, called ACMI, is exclusively available to commercial carriers.

Our crews and planes are ready to take off two hours after receiving an ACMI flight confirmation. Our in-flight service team will talk to the operator to ensure they offer exactly what is needed on board. Our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients and to their procedures and policies is the cornerstone of our offer. We will make sure their clients get the service they expect when travelling with their original carrier.

We will only bill our clients a base hourly rate, which includes the crew, the airplane, maintenance and insurance. Fuel, airspace usage, airport fees and taxes per passenger are billed directly to the operator by the respective suppliers.

Nolinor Aviation has filled in for international operators and Canadian transporters. Our know-how is limitless and our on-time departure record surpasses many other companies.

Aircraft available for ACMI:

Can be configured to carry both cargo and passengers.

Boeing 737-300 (130 seats)
Offers a mixed cabin that includes both first class and economy.

Boeing 737-400 (159 seats)
Provides up to 159 seats for operators needing a large flight capacity.