Reliable carrier for your precious cargo

Nolinor Aviation has vast experience in the transportation of cargo, heavy equipment or freight across North America and beyond. Our operations carry the highest level of reliability, well above industry standards. That is in fact why world-renowned organizations have trusted Nolinor Aviation for so many years.

Thanks to our fleet of diversified aircraft and hazardous materials transportation certification, Nolinor Aviation transports for its clients all types of freight and cargo:

  • Equipment parts
  • Petroleum products
  • Oversized cargo
  • Hazardous materials
  • Specialized or non-compliant merchandise

Our aircraft are suited to the realities of remote and inhospitable regions (gravel or iced landing strips). They are equipped with hydraulic cargo compartments and cargo rollers system to facilitate loading and unloading, as well as 10’ x 6’ (3 m x 1.8 m) cargo doors.

Each aircraft is equipped with a GPS navigation system and a satellite-tracking system for real-time tracking of your cargo.

To learn more about our cargo chartering services, or to schedule your next transport, please contact one of our advisors.